Steel Rollers

Steel Rollers

Range of New, Standard Rollers

We have various types of standard rollers in stock; all you have to do is order and they will be dispatched immediately!

Please include the brand of your machine, the dimensions of the roller (diameter, width, borehole, and keyway) and the description of the toothing (tooth shape, direction, material) in your order.

The general mark of all steel toothed rollers is Z.

For example:

roller 140-50-35 ZB chr Weinig means toothed roller for a Weinig machine, the diameter is140 mm, the width is 50 mm, for wet wood working, helix-toothed, chromed.


Renewal of Used Steel Rollers

We can sharpen the used teeth of rollers.


Custom Manufacture of Rollers

If you do not find the roller you need in our broad range of products, we will be happy to manufacture one according to your instructions.



All rollers are manufactured of tempered steel, which is additionally chromed to achieve extreme resistance and a long lifespan.

We can manufacture steel rollers without chroming them if the customer wishes so.