Rubber Rollers

Rubber Rollers

Rubber rollers or rubber wheels can be found in nearly every factory. Our company has rubberized or manufactured many rollers for various purposes; rollers for slot machines, wheels for manual forklifts, rollers for bakehouses, transport belts, sanding belts, rollers for pulleys, etc.

In addition to rubber rollers for the woodworking industry, which you will find in our standard product range and are nearly always in stock, you can order to have your rubber rollers made according to your plans and wishes, even if you only need one small roller.

Quality and speed are the most important aspects of our work. We always strive to please our clients, which is why we consult them on how the manufacturing process should be carried out (purpose of roller, desired material, recommended material, etc.). We choose only top-quality materials to further please our clients.

The rubber rollers can be rubberized with rubber of various consistencies, depending on the purpose of the roller. We also rubberize with silicon (for high-temperature manufacturing) and polyurethane (higher resistance, but lower grip).

Our rubber rollers for wood industry, including other types of rollers, are sold to hundreds of satisfied customers across Europe and other parts of the world.


Renewal of Used Rollers

The core of an old roller is cleaned and vulcanized with a new rubber or polyurethane lining.

When ordering, please name the brand of your machine and the desired dimension of the rubber rollers (diameter, width, borehole, and keyway).

You do not have to choose the hardness of the rubber, since we always use rubber that is the most suitable for the purpose of the roller.

If you wish to choose the hardness of the rubber, we will renew the rollers with rubber or polyurethane of that hardness after consulting you.