Graphic rollers

Each graphic machine contains rubberized graphic rollers of various dimensions, which must be manufactured precisely or they can cause printing errors.Westland

Rubberized graphic rollers are one of the areas in which we are specialized. We are proud to say that we are among the few manufacturers in this field, as the manufacturing process is very specific and must be carried out very precisely.

The graphic rollers are rubberized with a rubber mixture made by the world known Westland Company, of which we are the official representatives in Slovenia. Westland  is one of the leading companies in the production of rollers and roller rubber mixtures for the graphic industry.

The rubberizing process of graphic rollers is carried out identically as in Westland, which ensures top quality of our rollers for our clients.

Our company can renew your graphic rollers, or you can purchase rollers and give us your old ones (used, but fully functional) after you have replaced them with ours, and you will receive a credit note.

If you do not know the exact dimensions of the rollers in your graphic machine, simply name the brand of your machine and its serial number and we will help you. If we do not have the necessary data in our database, Westland most definitely will.

Every experienced printer knows that only top-quality rubberized graphic rollers can guarantee quality printing and contribute to the reputation of his of her company.