About the company

atefajsBrief company history

The present owner Mr. Matjaž Fajs, B.Sc.Mech.Eng., has further expanded the production, built new premises and employed more people. Excellence of our company is achieved through high quality products, customer friendliness and short delivery time. Elastomeri has allways been known for the true and solid grounds its business was built upon. Our grounds remain such in the present and will continue to be such in the future. We offer our clients high quality products and services, and are constantly trying to improve our performance even further. We realize that customer care is an integral part of a high quality service, and customer satisfaction has therefore always been our prime concern. We want our customers to feel safe and comfortable doing business with us, so that they wish to continue the cooperation. Our goal is to become and remain the world’s best. And with reasonable prices.

Historical review of Elastomeri’s development:

1977 Mr. Danilo Fajs starts producing exacting technical rubber products. The work is done in a garage, with help of all family members. First four employees are employed. Elastomeri soon becomes the exclusive supplier of small rubber products for the  Siemens company.
1987 Extension of product range: we begin with renewal of printing cylinders and employ more workers.
1993 Introduction of a new product range: Elastomeri starts producing and renewing rubber rollers for woodworking machines.
1994 The business is turned over to Mr. Matjaž Fajs, B.Sc.Mech.Eng.
1995 1995 Moval to a new location in Celje.
1999 The completion of the woodworking programme: Elastomeri starts producing steel teethed rollers for woodworking machines.
2004 Considerable growth of the company demands building of and moval to new premises on same location.